Distracted driving is a major concern on our roadways. Although NL has hands free legislation regarding cell phone use, the reality is that with the everyday use of cellphones and texting devices, people are more likely to be using them while driving than ever before. As a result, drivers are being distracted from the major tasks of driving and this has led to a serious safety issue for all road users.

Observations and studies have shown that someone using a texting device is as impaired for the moment they are on a cellphone or texting device as someone who is just over the legal level for impairment from alcohol. The NLIPC has a working group dedicated to distracted driving.

During the 2011-2012 year, NLIPC partnered with one of its member organizations, Safety Services Newfoundland Labrador to sponsor a media contest among senior high school students in the province. Students were asked to produce a distracted driving video message. The winning video came from Elwood Regional High School in Deer Lake and the runner-up came from Stephenville High school. Congratulations to the two schools on their creativity and effective videos.

More recently, the NLIPC is involved in the 2017 National Teen Driver Safety Week promotion. Many activities take place all over the province.

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