Montreal Children’s Hospital , McGill University Health Centre Concussion Kit (3rd edition)

July 3rd, 2018

The 3rd edition of the Concussion KiT once again provides us with an opportunity to combine our trauma knowledge and expertise with injury prevention strategies, and apply it to the composite life of a child or teen at school, play, and at home. The key messages conveyed of this Concussion KiT are: 1) recognize symptoms early on, 2) see a doctor to confirm diagnosis, 3) follow recommendations for a period of physical, cognitive and academic activity restrictions, 4) never play injured, and 5) only return to complete activity when symptom free and do so in a gradual manner.

The prevention, recognition, and management of children and teens with a concussion is challenging and drawing the attention of many. Our KiT is therefore designed to provide important information to our target audience comprised of clinicians, teachers, educators, coaches, professional sporting associations, governing bodies, parents, patients, media and community organizations, so as to enhance their understanding, and thereby support the child or teen through their recovery.

NEW 2018 3rd edition Concussion KiT

Posted on July 3rd, 2018