13 Scary Good Safety Tips for Ladders

July 13th, 2018

13 Scary Good Safety Tips for Ladders

Using ladders is a common part of many jobs and home projects, but safety is important. Ladders are synonymous with being unlucky, especially on Friday the 13th. With over 6,000 deaths yearly caused by falls from ladders, brushing up on these ladder safety tips could save your life.

Safety Reminders When Using Ladders:

  1. Ensure step ladders are fully open and spreaders are locked before climbing them. If the ladder is missing spreaders, do not use it.
  2. Place ladder on a flat, firm and secure surface. Do not use the ladder if the feet are damaged or missing.
  3. Avoid aluminum ladders if work must be done around electrical wires or power lines.
  4. Never leave ladders unattended, especially around children. When you’re done working or taking an extended break, close the ladder and put it away, or at least lay it down.
  5. Do not place ladder in front of a door. If you must, ensure the door is locked and have someone guard it.
  6. Never lean a closed stepladder against a wall. It can easily slide out from under you.
  7. Ladder rails should extend at least three feet above top landing.
  8. Check shoes to ensure they are free of grease or mud.
  9. Face ladder when ascending or descending, and hold on with both hands.
  10. Don’t climb higher than the third rung from the top.
  11. When using ladder for high places, securely lash or fasten the ladder to prevent slipping.
  12. Avoid outdoor ladder use on windy days.
  13. Finally, never walk under a ladder, especially if someone is working on it (or if it’s Friday the 13th ).

For more ladder safety tips, read our article Ladder Safety Tips That Could Save Your Life.

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Posted on July 13th, 2018