Driving instructor 'horrified' by hydroplaning dashcam footage

July 19th, 2018

Rudy Singleton says the person behind the wheel was ‘driving with abandon’

The latest locally recorded dashcam video being shared around online is "just horrendous," according to Safety NL driving safety instructor Rudy Singleton.

"I was horrified actually," he said when asked his first thoughts.

The video shows a black sedan hydroplaning, whipping around 180 degrees on the Outer Ring Road in St. John's.

It was recorded Sunday when the roads were wet and the visibility was low.

That was really a recipe for disaster.- Rudy Singleton

"That was really a recipe for disaster." Singleton said, adding that it was "pure luck" the car didn't flip or hit a guardrail.

"The level of personal injury is probably unthinkable," he said, speculating on what could have been. "Permanent injuries unnecessarily inflicted."

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Posted on July 19th, 2018