New Rawlins Cross Will Be A Learning Curve: Jim Brazil

August 31st, 2018

A man who has spent his life teaching people how to drive says the changes at Rawlins Cross may actually be more of an issue for people who are used to it as opposed to people going through it for the first time.

A short section of Military Road has been closed with traffic being re-routed in roundabout fashion. The changes took effect this morning and, to the surprise of many, people in a wheelchair won’t be able to make it onto the sidewalk when traversing a newly-installed crosswalk between Rennies Mill Road and Monkstown Road.

The city says there is no provision to lower the sidewalk curb to an acceptable height, at this time, because the roundabout is a pilot project.

Jim Brazil, of Safety NL, says drivers will get used to the changes after a few days. He saw people this morning driving up to where lights used to be and stopping. He says it will be a learning curve but drivers will adjust.

Posted on August 31st, 2018