PARACHUTE New distracted driving PSA for teens – and their parents

September 18th, 2018

Would you text while kissing, riding a unicycle or in the middle of yoga class? If not, then why would you even consider texting while driving, when the risk of injury is far greater? That’s the question a new Parachute public service announcement asks its teen audiences. And, the safety messages are just as relevant for parents. We encourage you to share this student-inspired PSA with your own teens, friends, colleagues and networks.

This year’s Is It Worth It? teen driver safety campaign aims to prevent injury and save lives by reducing distracted, impaired and aggressive driving. A key component of the campaign is the Canada-wide multimedia competition, offering more than $5,000 in prizes to the best student-created video PSAs. Last year, we selected Tamar Bresge's video entry to be professionally re-made, even though she was not the actual winner of the competition. We loved her creative concept and it’s the PSA we are sharing with you today via YouTube.

High school students are spreading the news in their schools on smart decision-making behind the wheel. While the campaign is part of the curriculum in several dozen schools this year, any student or teacher across Canada is encouraged to participate.

The Is It Worth It? teen driver safety campaign was launched last year with the generous sponsorship of the State Farm Youth Advisory Board, in partnership with Northern Secondary School in Toronto and Leo Hayes High School in Fredericton. The successful pilot year included many activities at the two lead schools, nearly 70 multimedia entries and thousands of votes registered online.

Help us spread the message about responsible teen driving and show your support by sharing this latest video with your families, friends and professional networks. For more information about the Is It Worth It? campaign, visit

Posted on September 18th, 2018